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Upgrade: USA Made (Trial Run)

Upgrade: USA Made (Trial Run)


This upgrade is being offered on a trial basis. If sufficient demand exists after our trial period, we plan to integrate it fully into our product line. Because it is on a trial basis, there are extra steps to take in order to take advantage of it. We figure if enough people are willing to do that, it means that the demand is sufficiently high that we should make it a regular part of our model. We'd like that, but time is money. 

Add this $12 upgrade once for each item you would like to be USA Made, and please specify which color selection goes with each design in the "add a note to your order" section at the beginning of the checkout process (image below) OR email us with your selections after placing your order. If you do not specify which items require the upgrade, we will contact you by email. (Of course, if you're ordering 2 shirts, and add the upgrade twice, it is easy enough for us to figure out; but specifying which color goes with which design is helpful.)

We're using Bella+Canvas USA Made Tees for this upgrade; it cannot be combined with any other order upgrade, or with any special offer or promotional code. It may only be used on men's/unisex t-shirts. Other styles and varieties may become available in the future.

Color options are extremely limited. We are currently offering Black, Asphalt, Red, and True Royal. You may select which color you prefer, with two exceptions:
1) Designs printed on black shirts must always be printed on black (and regardless of your selection, will be printed and shipped on a black shirt. Some of our processes, such as ZFS Discharge are unforgiving with other dyes.)

2) Designs printed in black ink will not be printed on black shirts, as we're not currently offering palette changes. (Unless you're so goth that you want a black ink/black shirt combo and insist upon it... If you ever meet our Founder, ask him about his first successful t-shirt concept. It was black ink on a black shirt. He was once a teenager. Don't tell him we mentioned it.)  

If you make any invalid or eye-bleedingly hideous color selections, we will contact you to clarify, but we try to avoid such issues on the design side.

Sizes are limited to Adult Small through 2XL ONLY. 3X 4X and 5X options are coming as soon as we find US suppliers who meet our standards. 

If sufficient demand exists, we will fully integrate this into our product line and eliminate the extra steps.

Understand that this upgrade may delay your order by up to 2 weeks, as USA Made tees are special ordered and printed to order, and to save costs we may have to batch orders together to keep fulfillment cost-effective. 

But your shirt will be made, printed, and shipped right here in the USA. We love being able to say that, but we'd love it more if it were more cost-effective to do so. Let's keep working towards that. 

Here's how to add a note to your order:



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