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Graphic Images -- Feed The Crows -- Arminius Tee -

Graphic Images

Graphic Images -- Feed The Crows -- Arminius Tee


Preorder--ships mid-March

From the Designer:
Arminius--the German who defeated Roman general Varus and slaughtered what is believed to be around 30,000 Romans, decimating an entire legion at Teutoburg Forest in

There is an old Welsh clan motto: “God Feeds The Crows”. In this modern age the European spirit lies crushed and withering. The Swedes, descendants of the Vikings themselves, are told in advertisement that being Swedish means nothing and they have no history worth recalling. This story is echoed across all of Europe and North America as invasive hordes pour in unchecked. This series is meant to serve as a reminder of our greatest warriors of old, to revive that which is great in all the peoples of Europe. Feed The Crows.

DTG on Next Level 100% Cotton Tees, S-3XL (4X and 5X Gildan)

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