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Look. It's been a crazy week, getting your BF/CM stuff out, fixing a mess from one of our subcontractors, and all that. We've taken great pains to avoid letting fun get in the way of you. Now we're kind of twiddling thumbs over a couple things that haven't arrived yet.

So...this has been done with a banana, a chicken sandwich, and other things. Those things are ephemeral and decay rapidly if not consumed. You need something that is a bit more permanent. And our t-shirts last. And the Boss himself has always wanted to be an artist in some way (he is a writer, but not of particular note.)

Therefore, he has duct taped one of the leftover shirts from our crowdfund effort earlier in 2019 to his home office wall. By the way, he reports that taping a t-shirt to a wall is no mean feat. He kind of had some issues, having only two hands, hence the lopsided taping of it.

You are purchasing the shirt, the duct tape still attached, and the original roll from which the tape is taken, and a signed Certificate of Authenticity (wall not included).

Our founder will personally deliver this to the buyer anywhere in the continental United States. AK and Hawaii must contact to make arrangements. Non-US buyers must contact before purchasing as well. 

About the shirt:
It is a Next Level 100% Cotton USA Made Tee, featuring our logo with phosphorescent (glow in the dark) overprint. The size is XL. If you are smaller than XL, then you can probably wear it anyway. If you are larger than XL, we highly encourage you to take the shirt and the roll of duct tape and carefully tape the XL shirt to a larger shirt in your size. Send pictures please.  We will hang such pictures around the warehouse and memorialize you for as long as we are a going concern. 

About the tape:
Grey duct tape, generic brand, partial roll we had lying around.

About the price:
$120,022 is a lot of money. We understand that this is outside the price range of many of our normal customers. However, we would be open to reasonable offers. The potential purchaser should email the arteest at to discuss pricing and payment options. Serious inquiries only--this is a one of a kind art exhibit. 

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