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From the effectiveness of borders to the ineffectiveness of things made in China, it seems a lot of ordinary folks are waking up to harsh realities that we all have known for quite some time.

That job that said you can't telecommute? Apparently you can if the boss is at risk of catching the illness du jour. (and as an added bonus, if there's no more office, there's a lot less HR. Bye Toby!)

Perhaps the President (2016-2024) is on to something when he wants stuff built and made in America.

Maybe those overly patriotic 'Made in America' companies aren't so embarrassing after all.

Even the up and coming Zoomers are learning that maybe college dorms, meal plans, and all the extraneous money pits of the College Experience should be consigned to the history books as quaint antiquities.

And maybe, just maybe, Globalism is a seriously bad idea and certain vocal people who knew the truth about the frogs were right all along.

The only thing we didn't know was that the red pill was so dang pointy.

NL 100% cotton S-3XL, 4X and 5X on Gildan.

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