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Accept No Imitations!

We've been really busy with our clients. But it was time to blow off a little steam and launch a new design of our own.


They're everywhere. At work. At school. At the store. At the gym (well, probably not.) On the internet. They all wear the same shirt, which we once again must parody, and they say the same things over and over again. If you try to reason with them, you'll just end up wearing out your thumb imagining yourself mashing the appropriate button to try to skip through the endless repetitious dialogue.

Occasionally, when they see shirts like this one, they make a loud, screeching REEEEEE sound. This will help you identify them so you don't have to waste precious time listening to them drone on and on about their impossible quest.

Order yours today.

Next Level 100% Cotton, S-3XL (4X and 5X on Gildan), or Bella ladies 100% cotton in S-2XL. 

Due to popular demand, we've added a budget option for this design: Anvil 100% Ringspun Cotton, Tube Cut, available in red only, men's S-3XL. The fabric is a similar feel to Canvas and Next Level brands, but lacks the side-seams and fits like a traditional big-box retailer tee. 

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