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You remember the little boy who cried wolf?

Eventually nobody took him seriously, and finally a wolf came and nobody came to help the boy when the wolf was eating him because of his previous false alarms. (At least, that's how the English revised it.)

Aesop's fables are as true today as they were when they were written millennia ago. You sensationalize everything too often, and people are bound to respond with "meh." Nowhere is this more evident than the modern advertising driven news media.

Pandemics are serious business, but nobody takes them seriously because every year around the end of winter (in God's Own Hemisphere) there's always countless hours of airtime devoted to the new and terrifying ways we will all die, and everyone responds "meh".

Decry these constant doomsayers with the newest shirt from the Crypto.Fashion catalog.

Printed on 100% cotton Next Level Tees (4X and 5X on Gildan).

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