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The A-10 Warthog is one of the greatest planes of all time. But what many people didn't know is that it only consists of 15 key parts. We thought that was interesting, and a friend has wanted an A-10 on a shirt for a while. So we decided to break it down into an easy to read blueprint so that everyone can know exactly what goes in to one of the greatest fighting machines ever created.

Because the zoom feature kinda sucks, here's the list!

2. Titanium Man-Tub
3. Lifty Thingies
4. GoFasters™
6. Drink Holder
7. Charlie Foxtrotter
8. Left-Righters
9. Wobblers
10. Up-Downers
11. Wheelie-Poppers (not pictured)
13. Rick’s Air Sucker
14. AUX cable for listening to ‘Highway to the Danger Zone’ on repeat
15. AIM-9L Sidewinder self defense air-to-air missiles

Printed on Next Level 100% Cotton for men's (S-3XL, 4X and 5X on Gildan), or Bella+Canvas 100% cotton for ladies in S-2XL.

Poster option--printed on 11x17 high gloss. Make sure to select 11x17 Poster, Cool Blue, and N/A to order the poster--there are no other options but Shopify can be a bit buggy. Note that the poster art is slightly different--had to fill up that blue space!

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