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CF2.0 2.0 Crowdfund Campaign (All Products)

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In case you haven't been following, we at need to expand in order to keep up with your demand--we know, some orders have been kinda late lately. We need new equipment--a digital Direct to Garment (DTG) printer. This article from Augusta Sportswear can explain it to you if you're interested. We do screenprinting in-house. We use a contractor for DTG printing.

Our existing contractor does fine work, but they're kinda slow and pretty expensive. With this new equipment, we'll be able to move to a 24-48 hour turnaround on most orders, rather than the current tiered shipping schedule. It's great to have access to their equipment and workforce on top of our own, but it costs a lot and again, causes delays.

The equipment we plan to get will offer higher resolution prints than we can currently get through them. So, huge upgrade for us, our clients, and ultimately you, our customers. 

Rather than use one of the massive crowdfund sites with their exorbitant fees, we figured we already sell stuff and do so at a much lower cost, so we opted to fund it ourselves with a little creative use of our existing storefront. So we need $50,000 to get this going; we can probably do it with less, but we'd rather just get it all out of the way.

We'll be adding the available design choices as our campaign progresses and we receive new options (don't worry, we'll bundle your orders and refund shipping when it's time to ship when necessary.) We expect more of our clients to sign on with artwork as the campaign progresses--and as such, keep checking back!

Our standard product availability applies: S-5XL; however, in this case all t-shirts will be on 100% USA Made stock. The t-shirts are backer exclusives and will no longer be available after the end of our campaign (currently May 17th, but we may extend, depending.)  The decals and patches will not be exclusive, but we won't be offering them again until much later this year.

Remember, these are preorders, and Estimated delivery is Late June 2019 (subject to installation of our equipment!)

All t-shirt backers will also receive a free 4"x4" CF Logo Decal. If you buy multiple items from our campaign, a discount will be applied at checkout using the table above.


Simply put, there are none. If we fail to reach our goal, you will still receive your product--we'll simply use our existing supply chain and DTG contractor. It might take a little longer to fill the orders. We know what we're doing, we're just underfunded and understaffed! 


$60,000 -- Our New Website. It'll be way better than this one. The best. Everyone says so. All backers at t-shirt level will receive a lifetime 10% off discount code.

$75,000 -- We'll be adding some new product options. And a bonus reward, to be announced at $60k

$100,000 -- TBA at $75k

Current Backer options:

Just the 4x4 Decal $5 (To select, choose N/A in both "Design" and "Size" and select Decal.)
CF 3x3 Logo Velcro Patch: $10 (To select, choose N/A in both "Design" and "Size" and select Patch...yeah, we need a new storefront.)
CF Logo Tee $30-33
Printed with green phosphorescent ink! We'll only offer standard green after the exclusives are shipped.
Jon Malin's MATE FEED KILL Tee $30-33
This one will really show off our new capabilities.

A design from our friends at Arkhaven Comics (check back April 8th!)...

Something else comic-related...

A political exclusive...

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