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Had it up to your neck with SJW’s destroying the comic industry you’ve loved since you were a child?  Well join the COMICSGATE ALLIANCE with this awesome poster featuring a handful of the latest COMICSGATE allied properties, including LONESTAR and the UNKNOWN SOLDIERS, CYBERFROG, SALAMANDROID, POTUS THUMP, USA*GI, JAWBREAKERS, SPLATTO DEL GATTO, RAINBOW BRUTE and MY GIRTHY STALLION!  Trigger all your SJW acquaintances as you proudly support comic books being made by people who actually want to tell great stories, not just indoctrinate their fans with political pablum!  By artist Mike S. Miller, artist of INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US, GAME OF THRONES, and, of course, LONESTAR! 
Available in 11x17 or 24x36.
Note that while ordering multiple posters carries a discount, if you order posters and other items, you will be charged an additional fee to offset poster shipping costs. 

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