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A message from our founder:

We appreciate all of our loyal customers and clients. Things have changed rapidly over the course of this month. March has been very slow--both in terms of sales, and in our turnaround time. I apologize for the slower than normal turnaround. Due to my severe illness last year, I'm personally "High Risk" for COVID-19 and am relying heavily on our very small team. Unfortunately I'm less hands-on than I was as a result. Working from home does that. My team is working to get orders fulfilled as quickly as possible as we've experienced additional delays from some of our supply chain. If you are unhappy with the delays, please contact customer service at the address below. Otherwise, understand that you will get your order. You are not forgotten or lost. With our reputation and thousands of happy customers, you have nothing to worry about, it's not "if" but "when."

Waiting to receive what we can't print ourselves is the cause of most of the delays, with some other delays due to batching orders and print runs together as is necessary when you are a small business to save costs efficiently. As always, remember that upgrades are printed to order so that is an automatic potential delay as well (see Upgrade pages for further details).

If you are delayed and don't mind the wait, we will be sending a code with all late orders for 15% off your next order. This crisis is hitting us hard at a time where we usually start to come off the post-holiday-doldrums. But after consulting my team this seems a fair compromise. And understand that the 15% future discount is taken off our own margin, not our client royalties. They will still get paid what we'd normally pay them at full retail price. We exist primarily to serve them and their brands, and you, their customers.

This is suddenly a difficult time for many small businesses, artists, and authors. Thank you for supporting us and our clients below. They receive royalties from your purchases from their respective collections, and we work hard to ensure that you receive top-notch products on their behalf. 

Thank you again. We all hope you will stay safe and well. 



MOTW March Special--buy anything from the Men of the West collection, get a FREE small reticle-cross patch!

Please be sure to contact us at the customer(at) address for any questions or CSR requests.

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