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Upgrade: Tall Sizing (Read For Important Information)


5XT is UNAVAILABLE. We can sub 6xl.

This upgrade is only available for men's t-shirts, sized Large through 4XL. Erroneous selections, such as Small, Medium, or 5XL, or for incorrect product types will have the upgrade itself refunded but will otherwise be processed normally.

You no longer have to add this option indirectly; you are encouraged to utilize the radial button beside each product you would like. 

Your order will be printed on Port Authority's 100% cotton 6.1oz Tall t-shirts. They're a thicker shirt than our usual Next Level or Canvas brand stock, and less soft, but PA meets our stringent quality standards better than any other brand we've found thus far in specialty sizes.

We will select the closest available color from PA's color palette.

Exception: for designs printed on a light or medium gray (Deus Vult, or Ivan Throne's "We Have An Army," for example), we use Anvil's 100% cotton Tall tees. They're a little softer than the Port Authority, however, Anvil lacks the color palette of PA, but PA does not have a comparable gray in their palette. Anvil's variant does have a slightly longer "plumber's tail." 

Due to differences in dye lots, we'll get as close in color to the item you ordered as possible, but an exact match to the product picture is impossible at this time.

Please allow up to an additional 2 weeks for us to process your order, as Tall shirts are special ordered from an alternate wholesaler, and are printed to order. 

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