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Some of our items are not available in long-sleeve, due to low demand. In those cases, we will contact you and refund the cost.

This upgrade is valid for all Regular Tees or Ladies Tees. Do not add this upgrade if your shirt is already available in long sleeve from a drop-down menu. 

Occasionally, Next Level and Bella+Canvas do not have a comparable long-sleeve that we can color-match. In those circumstances, we choose the closest color possible from the following vendors, generally in this order of preference. If you have your own preference, feel free to specify but we cannot guarantee what is available from our suppliers. If we cannot find a color close enough, we'll contact you with a couple of alternative options.
LAT (light-to-medium weight, soft ringspun)
Anvil (light-to-medium-weight, soft ringspun)
Port Authority (heavyweight, standard cotton)
Gildan (3XL+, standard cotton)

If you would like a different color than the default choice, feel free to make a request in the "order notes," however, with some prints which use ZFS inks we are unable to choose alternate colors, due to dye-reactivity problems. In that case, we will default to the normal color palette for that particular design.

Please note that Long Sleeves are printed to order, and thus may be batched together with other pending reprints in order to save production costs. This may cause shipping delays of up to two weeks. 

This is where to look to add a note to your order:

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