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Arkhaven Comics -- Alt*Hero Capitán Europa Tee -

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Arkhaven Comics -- Alt*Hero Capitán Europa Tee


The Global Justice Initiative.

Capitán Europa is the leader of the Global Justice Initiative in Arkhaven's forthcoming Alt*Hero release. The GJI reports directly to the European Commission. Besides fighting crime, racism, smoking, and nationalism, the main job of the Global Justice Initiative is to hunt down rogue superheroes who refuse to use their powers for the common good--at least as it is defined by the European Commission and the United Nations.

Wear your support for the Alt*Hero Project! 


Printed in hi-fidelity DTG on Canvas 100% cotton tees, in black, available Adult XS through 4XL.

Note that not all product upgrades are available on DTG garments regardless of the radial's a bug in our system. If you make an erroneous upgrade we will contact you ASAP either to refund your order, or just the upgrade amount. Currently, Tall Size and USA Made are NOT available. We are working with our DTG partners to get those options opened up.

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