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Deus Vult

God wills it.

We debated as to whether or not to make this the flagship design for our "urban collection." we're clueless because we're not hipsters, so we assume "urban" means "relating to Pope Urban II and the Council of Clermont," but since we proprietors--while historically literate--are not Catholic, we don't want to culturally appropriate anyone. so, if the sentiment holds true and God wills it, look for more urban-wear. Deus Vult.

Product Info

Printed black on Next Level's light gray or military green 100% cotton tee, or on Gildan sport-gray (little bit lighter shade) for 3xl-5xl.

Ladies V-Necks are Next Level 60/40 Cotton/Poly Blend, S-2XL.

Hoodies are Canvas 60/40 Cotton/Poly Fleece, S-2XL.  

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