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A New Feature

Boss-man here. We're ALMOST caught up, just waiting on a handful of blanks and items from our subcontractor. Murphy's Law has been the rule during the months of August and September, but we're getting there. We had two major issues: 1) our preferred brand of USA made tees is suddenly nowhere to be found, so we had to scramble to find a different brand that meets our QC standards. 2) Tall-sizes were also hard to come by. This kind of thing happens a lot in this industry when it comes to "specialty" items, it's just kinda crazy. 3) Usual subcontractor unpredictability. They do awesome work for the things we can't yet do in-house, but their turnaround isn't always punctual.  

This is going to be a regular feature going forward: I'll be posting about what we're working on--or, more likely--about to be to be working on, since otherwise I have no time to write. This is per the new shipping policies: click on the "Ordering/Shipping" tab to check that out. We've had to adjust some things because we've grown to a point where it's easy to get bogged down quickly, but can't yet get more manpower in. So I'll just keep everyone posted on what we're doing here. 

Right now we're going into a large job for Exclusively Games. It's three separate designs for their IGG backers. Screen-making and printing will begin tomorrow as we had to reclaim some screens first. I figure we'll have the fronts of their first design knocked out in a couple days; the sleeves will take a little longer since sleeve-prints can be finicky. Then we'll work on the second design while we begin shipping Design 1. The first two designs will take about a week and a half to two weeks to finish, then the third, complex design will take about the same amount of time once those arrive. 

And speaking of backers, we're working on a revamped crowdfund effort for the equipment we need. This will be of much more interest--and hilarious, to boot. 

Have fun, and thank you for choosing!

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